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Little Britain in Fethiye

International Mediterranean Academy 


A major factor in deciding to locate the International Mediterranean Academy in Fethiye was the existence of a very large British community, resident in that area. Accommodation with one of our specially selected, native speaking host families, gives the student extra opportunities to improve their communication skills that is impossible to duplicate with any artificial method. This is just as valid for students on any of our specialist courses who wish to improve their ability to communicate well in English.

At first glance our institution may seem to be focused primarily on English education. In addition to this globally important element, along with whatever special subject you may be pursuing, we also strive to improve participants self-reliance, adaptation and cultural awareness in the calm and meditative environment of our self contained campus, where this soon becomes a reality.



Our programs for students over 16:

general English courses.

intensive English program.

English courses for business and management.

TOEFL preparation program.IELTS preparation program.

CELTA preparation program.


Summer courses for students under 16:

The Summer School Program not only improves the English-language proficiency of young students, but also creates a pleasant summer holiday for students from different cultures.

During the Summer Camp session, students will improve their social skills, social responsibility, learn about ecology and increase environmental awareness, and improve leadership skills.  Students will return home as self-confident, English-language experienced young people.

Important Notes:

You don’t need a visa.

You can register any time you want (every Monday).

The costs differ according to the required courses, courses period, student age and accommodation.


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