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Learn english in United Kingdom


Are you yearning to learn English the correct way? Have you always wanted to see the United Kingdom?

It’s our great pleasure to help you find the best school in UK that meet your aims. Our schools are accredited by the British Council and they are members of Education UK and of English UK , both professional associations for quality language training providers. The schools are subject to periodic inspection of courses and teaching staff to guarantee the high quality of educational service. Eventually the students will get accredited certificate by the school.

On this page you can find a list of language schools which offer English courses in UK:

Churchill House School of English Languag.

Southbourne School of English.

Eurocentres Cambridge School.

Regent Oxford.

The English Language Centre.

EF international language schools.

St Giles International Brighton.

kaplan international colleges.

CES school.

Hampstead School of English.

Harrow House International College.

MLS International College.

Courses: Language schools offer students a huge range of options for how to study English, ranging from intensive week-long courses, to year-long programs that suit all needs. Our schools also offer courses suit most levels and have a team of professionally qualified teachers. All of our courses are accredited by the British Council, which is your guarantee of quality.

Accommodation: Students comfort and safety is our main interest and accordingly we offer different  accommodation options to suit their personal requirements:

Residential: student residence is a good option if you are looking for  independence, being close to campus and school life, and the ease of making friends with other international students. You should note that most daily contact is with other non-native speakers of English though. So, although this works for some people, it may not suit you if you are travelling to the UK to immerse yourself in the English language and British culture.

Homestay: to live with a British family is more recommended option if you want to practice the language with native English speakers and engage more with British culture. You share the host's everyday life, speaking English all the time, eating with them, and meeting other English-speaking people.

Programs & Activities: Our schools offer you all the academic, social, sporting and welfare facilities required to make your stay in the UK exciting and successful.

The Costs: It’s our great pleasure to help you find the best and most popular schools in UK at the lowest possible price. The costs differ according to the chosen school and the required courses (weekly study hours) and the accommodation.

Certificates: the schools will give the students accredited certificates after finishing their courses.


Important Notes:

We recommend to register one month at least before the beginning of the course (especially summer courses) to guarantee availability at the school and the suitable accommodation as well as to finish visa and travel procedures.

It’s our great pleasure to help you preparing your visa and guide you to the required papers.


Feel free to contact us for any further information…