Rediscover the wellness within you at The Farm at San Benito in Batangas, one of the few truly medical and wellness resorts in the world. Located an easy two-hour drive south of the Philippine capital of Manila.

Our award-winning 48-hectare resort offers an exceptional healing environment for the holistic treatment of the body, mind and soul.


Making use of Nature’s own remedies, our mission is to guide and educate you toward your maximum total health potential.

We firmly believes that physical, mental and emotional health is the cumulative result of our own actions and lifestyle. We create who we are: what we think, what we say, what we do are all ultimately what we become: healthy or ill, happy or unhappy.

To quote Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food" Food is our most potent medicine. Various clinical studies have concluded that proper nutrition plays a central role in disease prevention and restoration of health. The Farm’s award-winning Alive! restaurant serves organic vegan cuisine composed primarily of uncooked fruits, vegetables, germinated grains, nuts and seeds.


Our guests experience the collective power of European inspired medical services, natural SPA Healing & organic ALIVE! cuisine, supported by our team of experienced medical doctors, nurturing SPA therapists, movement consultants & living food chefs.

The Farm's Health and Wellness programs are transformative journeys filled with balance, discovery and awakening. They clear the mind, aid in managing daily stress, enhance vitality, support better aging, improve nutrition , jump start sustainable weight loss and restore a youthful complexion.


Our Main Healing Programs are:

PREMIERE Retreat Program 7 Nights.

Diabetes Prevention & Management 6 Nights.

Heart Health & Stress Reduction 6 Nights.

Organic Weight Loss 6 Nights.

Longevity & Better Aging 6 Nights.

Environmental DETOX 6 Nights.



We provide the environment, guidance and support you need to realize your maximum human potential. PHILOSOPHY

We believe in the body’s inherent ability to heal and maintain a healthy functioning state.

We believe disease is preventable and curable, naturally.

We believe detoxification regiments are highly effective tools in restoring health.

We believe good nutrition is enhanced by increasing the intake of raw or “living” food, and may or may not

include cooked foods and animal protein.

We believe an investment in health will be one of your wisest decisions.



Asia Spa Awards 2006 
Med-Spa of the Year
Asia Spa Awards 2006  
SPA Cuisine of the Year
 Asia Spa Baccarat 
Awards 2006
   SPA Cuisine of the    Asia Spa Medi-Spa   Asia Spa Baccarat 
        Year 2006     of the Year 2006       Awards2006

 ASIASPA Baccarat Award

Spa Cuisine of the Year 2009

Spa Retreat of the Year 2007

Spa Retreat of the Year 2008

 MediSpa of the Year


ASIASPA Crystal Award

Best Destination Spa

Best Wellness Center

Spa of the Philippines

Best Holistic Program

Best Medical Spa of the Year 2006

Best Spa Cuisine of the year 2006

Best Spa Cuisine of the year 2007

Best Alternative / Complementary Health Center.




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